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Post by Chipi3s on Sat Sep 04, 2010 5:40 pm

\L/»|«RULES»|« \L/
The main purpose of the forums is for players to communicate and help each other. Our aim is for you to be able to have fun in a friendly and secure environment. Please take the time to read the Rules and follow them carefully.

1.Be Respectful
2.Don't fight with others
3.Be Helpful
4.Listen to others

\L/»|«CLAN RULES»|« \L/
Rule #1: Enjoy your membership with Last Legion.

Rule #2: Follow all Jagex and Clan Rules.

Rule #3: No Multi-Clanning.

Rule #4: Do not spam the clan chat for ANY reason.

Rule #5: Only one of your accounts can be ranked at any given time.

Rule #6: Please do not ask for ranks.

Rule #7: Please keep swearing to a minimum, if not, none at all.

Rule #8: No rasist, religious or political comments.

Rule #9: Play with honor and respect other clan members regardless of their rank.

Rule #10: If you have any issues regarding fellow members, PLEASE let a general know.

Failure to abide by any of the above rules may jeopardize your clan standing.

1st offense: member receives a warning.
2nd offense: member is kicked from cc.
3rd offense: member is kicked from cc and demoted.
4th offense: member is permanently banned from clan.
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